phpFox Customization

Below are the topics of our customization experience in phpFox.

  • phpFox functionality extension
  • phpFox home and user profile customization
  • Conversion of phpFox into phpFox2 style
  • Conversion of phpFox into Facebook style web application
  • Conversion of phpFox Video Section to YouTube Style
  • Applying custom PSD templates to phpFox
  • Applying MegaMenu Structure for phpFox
  • Updating more functionality to phpfox Forum (without integrating any 3rd Party forum application)
  • Applying Photo-tagging feature for phpFox Gallery
  • Updating Invite Section with MailBox login inviter
  • Dynamic generation of sitemap.xml file for search engines to crawl
  • Making custom modules, plugins for phpFox
  • phpFox 2 Module, Product creation
  • Porting phpfox plugins to phpFox 2 Module.